“I am the dungeon Ahrimaeus, and before this gem is shattered, the whole world shall fear my name.”

Fearsome words for a Dungeon Core that has just been swallowed by a goblin.

The endless tunnels and caverns of the Underworld are a dangerous place, even at the best of times, but when you’re a new-born dungeon bent on world domination, being surrounded by the competing factions of the denizens of the dark can be a bit overwhelming.

Ahrimaeus has grand plans to unite the Underworld and wage war on the world above that cast him down, but first he has to get his own house in order. Keeping goblins from squabbling, giant spiders from eyeing up baby ogres and making the helpful sprite that has shown up to guide him shut the hell up for five minutes.

Yet all of these problems pale in comparison to the existential threat of the surface kingdoms.

Just because Ahrimaeus has forgotten his life before he became a dungeon doesn’t mean that the world above has forgotten him, and there is nothing that adventurers love more than conquering dungeons.

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