Ask The Wizard

“Your world may be strange to me, but our troubles are not so different. The same heart beats within the chest of all men. Except mine, I buried my heart beneath a glacier so that I cannot be killed.“


Have you ever felt that your problems are so insurmountable that the only one who could possibly solve them was a wizard from another dimension? Then look no further, The Fantasy Hive’s very own Ulesorin The Green is here to provide you with all the bountiful wisdom of his millennia of experience.

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For millennia beyond reckoning the Eaters of the Gods ruled over this sunless world, waging their secret war on each other through their Chosen, mortals granted a fraction of the Eaters inhuman powers in exchange for a life of servitude.

Kaius counts himself among their hallowed ranks, devoted entirely to his brutal duties. Lucia is no more than a travelling minstrel, albeit one who found herself in the very worst place at the very worst time.

How could mere mortals like them stand up against the vast alien power of the Eaters of the Gods?

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A body in the mud by the Miskatonic River is just an average day for Detective Vergil Levard. But when the cadaver shows signs of something more sinister afoot, Vergil is forced to make a deal with the devil, working with the leader of the local bootleggers, Jimmy Hogan, to track down the killers.

If Vergil was a normal copper, the strange sigil wouldn’t have meant anything to him. If Hogan was a normal mobster, then Vergil wouldn’t be falling for him. And if the fishing village of Innsmouth was a normal smuggler’s front, then neither of them would have to fear for their sanity.

With darkness closing in and some terror from the deep creeping up behind them, Vergil and Hogan have nothing left to hold onto except each other.

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Korgulg Skulltaker is a half-orc barbarian with a hunger for battle and a lust to match. Lady Leithianel Stormsong is a beautiful elven wizard of great power and wit. They are both on an epic quest to destroy the evil Lich Voldridas and save the world from his tyranny.

Their players, Greg and Gabriel have been friends since they were teenagers, but while they have the bravery to explore dark dungeons and slay terrible dragons at their friend’s dining room table, they can’t muster up the courage to tell one another how they feel.

Every week for the last decade, they have gathered with their friends to play games of adventure and magic together, without ever letting their real fantasies come to life. But all of that could change with just a roll of the dice.

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Earth’s Final Chapter


Earth's Final Chapter is the first adult, illustrated novella series by Endless Ink Publishing House. A post-apocalyptic, dystopian, mutant and alien-filled adventure, with diverse characters and global perspectives.

Chibuzo: The Goblin Shark

Trust is a treasure in itself when dealing with pirates. Now aboard the Goblin Shark with a bunch of misfits, Chibuzo must learn to prove his worth while appeasing the demands of the feared captain.

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