A fantasy LitRPG series, Deepest Dungeon follows real-life nobody Martin as he forges a legend for himself and the Iron Riot guild within the virtual reality of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game of Strata Online.

But the deeper that he and his allies journey into this rich and terrifying other world, the more that his perception of where reality ends and the game begins fades.


When Martin's raiding guild join the latest virtual reality MMO, they discover a challenge like no other. Strata Online is a hundred floor mega-dungeon, filled with an ever-shifting ecosystem of monsters.

Martin's team soon find themselves in a race against the world’s strongest guilds, all competing to be the first to reach the unbeatable game's lowest depths. With eternal fame and prizes on the line, Martin risks playing as a rarely chosen race; a Murovan rat-man, combined with the unusual exorcist class.

But unlike other games, he will need as much courage as skill to progress. Because the deeper he goes, the darker Strata gets.

Coming Winter 2019 from Portal Books