Obligatory Awards Eligibility Post 2017

At this time of year it is traditional for authors to make an awards eligibility post, listing off all their publications for the year and begging people to nominate them. For nerds of the British persuasion like myself, the big awards are: The British Fantasy Award, The BSFA Award, The World Fantasy Award, The Hugo, and The Nebula Award.

So here I am, on my knees in the rain, begging you to nominate one of my books from 2017 so that my publishers are extra-happy that they published me, and so that I have a better chance to go on getting published in the future. Or… uh… because you like the book I guess?

The Year of the Knife is an alt. history urban-fantasy hardboiled-mystery that follows our intrepid lesbian witch protagonist across the British occupied Americas in pursuit of a body-hopping serial killer. Along the way she has to deal with ancient conspiracies, her boss getting turned into a parrot, a complicated relationship with a vampire, more demons than you can shake a stick at and a possessed doll with a pornography fixation.

Call Your Steel is a Lovecraftian fantasy, set in a desolate and sunless world where the immortal and terrible Eaters of the Gods wage eternal private wars using humanity as their pawns. It also features a love triangle between a psychotic cannibal, a dragon and an asexual warrior-monk.