Born in 1986, G. D. Penman is the traditionally published author of the critically acclaimed Witch of Empire trilogy, the Deepest Dungeon series, and many other books.

He is a firm believer in the axiom that any story can be improved by adding a dragon.

Despite his earliest memories including being thrown off the computer for writing naughty words, it is only in the last decade or two that he has pursued writing as a full-time career, writing over one hundred non-fiction books as a ghost-writer, including international best-sellers – although of course, he can’t tell you which ones.

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Before finally realising that the career’s advisor lied to him about making a living as an author, G. D. Penman worked as a tabletop game designer – contributing to Shades of Vengeance’s Era RPGs. As a magazine editor – giving some of the award-winning authors of today their first start. As a literary critic – giving some of the award-winning authors of today a nasty shock. As the communications director of a national mobility scheme– helping disabled people across the UK find the financial assistance they needed to purchase mobility equipment. As the VIP Manager of a national telecoms company – getting yelled at by minor celebrities. And literally every awful demeaning job that you can think of in-between.

Nowadays he is fulfilling his destiny as a fat, bearded man by writing fantasy novels, smoking a pipe and being buried beneath a mound of cats every time he sits down. He lives in Dundee, Scotland with his wife, children, dog and cats. Just… so many cats.

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